A Man Barely Slice The Middle Of A Potato, What He Did Next Is Absolutely Genius


I’m sure you love French fries. How about mashed potatoes? I think you like it too, but I’m 100% sure you do not want to peel potatoes. Am I right? Well, you’re not alone, me too…I don’t like peeling potatoes but I enjoy eating them. LOL!

What we didn’t know is, there’s an easy way to peel those potatoes without using any fancy and expensive kitchen tools. All you need is a sharp knife and a pan to do this trick. Thanks to DaveHax, peeling potatoes has never been this easier.

Here’s how:

Start by taking a sharp knife and carefully run the blade in the middle of the potato.
Super_Quick_Potato_Peeling_Life_Hack 1
To run the blade, just through the skin and not too deep in the potato, do be careful not to cut yourself and try to make the line meet up on the other side.
Super_Quick_Potato_Peeling_Life_Hack 2
Do these to all the potato you want to peel and put it in a pan. Then boil the potatoes until it’s cooked.
Super_Quick_Potato_Peeling_Life_Hack 3
Watch the video:

Awesome! I better try this next time. Share this helpful lifehack to your friends.