World’s Youngest Rock Climber: Baby Learns To Rock Climb Even Before Walking


Some people are naturally born gifted and this baby named Ellie is no exception. At 8 months old, she already does rock climbing before she could even walk and it’s mind-blowing!

Ellie Farmer was born from parents Rachael and Zak Farmer who are both competitive climbers. And at 20-month-old, she’s already following their career.

ellie farmer `4image source

When Ellie was 2 months old her parents built a rock wall in her room. Six months later, she started to pull herself up on things and used the wall to balance. Eventually, with her parents’ assistance, Ellie learned to climb the wall.

ellie farmer `1image source


The young tot has a series of videos shared on Facebook showcasing her ability to pull herself up while climbing walls and proudly looking down at her parents supervising her climb.

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