Woman Was Left Disgusted After Finding Parasitic Worms In Fish She Bought At Fry’s


Most people would prefer to buy foods in a dry (air-conditioned) market than in a public wet market. Because people think the former went through intensive inspection before they could sell. So many are assured that what they sell is clean and safe. But that’s not always the case, as a woman was left disgusted after discovering parasitic worms wriggling in the fresh meat she just bought at an American Supermarket.

Jen A Holland-Chafitz, from Peoria, Arizona, went shopping early that day at Fry’s and bought salmon to cook for dinner.

But when she was about to cook dinner, she was horrified to see something moving underneath the salmon cellophane wrapper.
Two parasitic worms wriggling at her fresh sealed fish!


Jen said, “Its head was sticking out of the fish. Standing there I felt like something was crawling on me, it was really gross,” ABC15 News reported.


She immediately called Dustin, her husband, who was also stunned and sickened by the worms and the couple hurriedly went back to the market to return the fish.


The couple was assisted and had been given a full refund. A supermarket representative confirmed the incident and that the company will take action on the matter with the distributor to ensure quality control standards are upheld.