True Love: Stunning British Woman Marries A “Funny-Faced” Indonesian Man


Everyone has their own definition of what true love is but for most people love is about accepting the other wholeheartedly no matter what they are. We all know the saying about love being blind, right? One couple has shown the whole world that love conquers all, in spite of distance, race, and physical appearance.

On August 8, Bayu Kumbara from Indonesia married the woman of his dreams — a gorgeous Brit named Jennifer Brocklehurst.


The couple met while Jennifer was vacationing in Sumatra.

bayu 4

After photos of Bayu and Jennifer were posted on social media sites, Bayu or “Funny Face” (a nickname coined by the Indonesian website Sembang Info) became the envy of many men.

bayu 3

He was even called “the luckiest man on Earth” since he’s Indonesian and because he isn’t considered by many as conventionally handsome.

brit 5

The wedding went viral also because Jennifer sought for donations online to raise funds for their special day.