This Boy Was Born Without A Face, How He Found Hope Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity


It ‘s always amazing to read stories of kids overcoming the impossible. Tales of strangers randomly helping out are also heart-warming and inspire us to set a good example for our children. The following story will make you believe that angels are sometimes disguised as people.

Imagine having a child with a facial deformity. How would you react when he is born? What would you do to help him live a normal life? The parents of a three-year-old boy from Morocco know exactly how it is to be blessed by such a child as their son Yahya El Jabaly was born with a rare condition caused by a genetic disorder in the womb that prevented his facial bones to join together.

3-year-old Yahya El Jabaly was born without eyes, ears, and upper jaw.

Yahya El Jabaly 2image source

But despite his rare condition, Yahya defied all odds and grew into a happy and healthy toddler.

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His amazing story went viral on social media. Eventually a kind-hearted woman named Fatima Baraka reached out to help the toddler after learning about Yahya’s plight on Facebook. The kid was transported from his home located six hours away from Casablanca to Australia.

In what they call a life-changing procedure, Yahya has been given a second chance to live normally through a grueling and extensive facial reconstruction surgery in Melbourne.

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Dr. Tony Holmes, who performed the surgery, fused the two sides of his skull together and grafted the boy’s skin to build his nose. It took him and his team of doctors 18 hours to complete the procedure and most of them did it for free!