Shocking: Albinos Being Hunted, Slaughtered And Sold To Witch Doctors For Their Body Parts


Do you know what Albino is? Have you seen one? Albino is a term for people or animal with Albinism, which is a congenital disorder of complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. Albinos have white hair, white skin that is prone to sunburn and skin cancer and have a typically pink eyes, that greatly affects their vision especially from ultraviolet rays.

Most Albinos live a normal life despite the sunlight’s threat on their skin. Unfortunately in Africa, the danger that Albinos are facing is far more horrible than their health risk. They are being hunted, butchered like animals, and sold for witchcraft, posing greater threat in their lives.

Recently, a six-year-old albino girl named Margareth Khamis was rescued in Tanzania from her own uncle who tried to sell her to a witch doctor for a huge amount of money.


She was snatched from her home in northern Tanzania by a masked gang in the middle of the night. The kidnapping led to a desperate search by the villagers, who tried their luck to follow the kidnappers through the bush but failed.

The villagers knew that the girl is in grave danger, if she was sold to a witch doctors, death is certain. Her body parts will be used to make potions for wealth and luck.

It is believed that the human albino’s skin could bring powerful luck and wealth to a person, thus some are willing to pay huge amount for a limb. How much more for a whole body?


This kind of gruesome trade is getting more and more rampant in Tanzania…


Kidnapping and slaughtering albinos for witch craft can reach £50,000 ($75,000) on the black market.