Must Watch: A Mom Took A Snapshot On Her Son, What The Photo Revealed Left Her Terrified!


We all love taking pictures especially if we have a great camera. We want to capture every single precious moments as much as we can.

As technology advances we get accustomed in different image alterations and seeing a red-eye or glowing eye effect on some photographs is no exception. We often see these effects when a photographic flash has been used. But, what if those strange eye spots has something to tell you rather than just simple photographic interventions? Here’s an eye opening story that everyone should know.

Julie Fitzgerald snapped a photo of her 2-year-old son Avery using a mobile phone and noticed a strange spot on the left eye of the little kid.

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She had a strange feeling about that white glow on her son’s eye, but initially brushed them off…

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Until she stumbled upon viral a story on Facebook about how a white glow in someone’s eye that appeared in photos could signal a life threatening cancer.

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Instantly her maternal instinct kicked in, so she decided to took a photo of her son again. And there it was, the white glow!

To her horror, the white glow in his son’s eyes revealed a serious medical condition. Doctors found out that Avery had tumors covering 75% of his eye. Thanks to Julie’s intuition, the early detection allowed doctors to act quickly saving the life of her son Avery.

Watch the video:

Before, I thought those strange spots in the eyes are just normal reflection of the flash, but after watching this video I learned a thing or two…that even photographs can be used to save someone’s life.

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