Heartwarming! For his 10th birthday, this boy asks stepfather to adopt him in a touching video



Los Angeles, USA  –  On his 10th Birthday, a boy had an important question for his stepfather, Brandon Williamson, and he brought him to tears.

Kalani Watson, 10-year-old, read a letter to his stepdad; thanking him for everything he has done for him and his mother. The touching moment was captured on video by Kalani’s mother, Porche, and has since gone viral.

Brandon Williamson knew from the beginning that it was a package deal. If you loved Porche, you have to love her son, too. There was no having one without the other.

Kalani was only two when Williamson began dating his mother.

“We worked together,” Williamson told InsideEdition. “We would talk for hours. I knew Kalani was very important to her. So if I loved her, I had to love him too.”

So when Kalani stood at his birthday party over the weekend and read from a piece of paper that he held in his hands, Williamson lowered his head.


“Brandon Craig Williamson, will you do me the biggest favor in the world? Will you adopt me?” Kalani asked.

Williamson, a big man as he is, broke into tears.

“That was another day I won’t forget,” Williamson said.

Watch their emotional video: