Did You Know You Can Turn Your Smartphone Into A Hologram Projector? Here’s How!


Have you seen a hologram? I think everyone already knows what a hologram is. Hologram or holography has come a long way since it was first develop by Hungarian-British physicist Dennis Gabor in the late 1940s. Since then, hologram has been part of our lives and with the technology rapidly growing, making it has never been this easy. In fact, you can create your very own hologram projector with your smartphone.

YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss posted a video showing how to create your very own 3D|4K hologram with just simple materials found at home.
holo 5

You will be needing materials such as Graphing paper, CD case, Tape or Super Glue, a Pen, Scissors, Smartphone or Tablet, and a Knife or Glass cutter.

On your graphing paper, create a basic triangle shape with a 1cm top (flat) side, 3.5cm sides, and 6cm lower side, then cut the shape.
holo 2
Pick up your CD case and removed the unwanted sides. Then trace your pre-cut pyramid on the case 4 times and carefully cut the shape with a knife.
holo 3
Glue or tape the cut pyramid shapes together and viola…you’re done!
holo 4

Watch the video below

Cool isn’t it! Here’s another video from HOLHO turning your smartphone or tablet into a hologram projector.

There are probably loads of videos you can search on the internet that could help you create your own mini hologram projector. Or you can even create your style of do it yourself hologram craft and share it with us.