Beware of These Tiny Hidden Cameras Disguised as Screws in Public Restrooms


Innovation has changed the way we live. Generally, it has made our lives simpler. Spy cameras or CCTV cameras are among the mechanical developments that have demonstrated exceptionally valuable for safety measures.

These devices now come in many shapes and sizes. There are models that are disguised to mix in with the environment. Others are made to show up as something else, for example, a pen, a clock or a toy. One of the more propelled models are those that are disguised as screws.

Anybody can purchase these remote spy cameras.


Evidently, some sick people have exploited these spy screw cameras for their own particular sick reasons. Such small concealed cameras can be bought on Amazon for just $15. Police issued a warning about how these small cameras are being utilized by some criminal persons.

Individuals with bad purposes have corrupted innovation.


This is what their warning says: “This is a warning to everybody who use open restrooms, particularly ladies. Be cautious since a few degenerates or individuals who need to blackmail you have figured out how to put these screw cameras inside restrooms. They’ll take indecent pictures of you and after that upload it on some adult site.”


“They may likewise utilize these pictures to extort you. Along these lines, please tell your spouses, sweethearts, little girls, and every one of the ladies you care, about this, so they won’t get casualties.”

This one looks like it’s a piece of the door body.


Obviously, the warning against screw cameras has turned viral in several hours. All things considered, other comparable unpleasant practices have exploited spy cameras some time recently. The screw cameras could without much of a stretch be hidden as a component of the restroom door’s bolt and latches.

Thus a lot of viewers have remarked that shopping centers and other open spots ought to take measures to keep these gadgets from abusing anybody privacy. Till then, however, all we can do is be more cautious.