10-Year-Old Girl Saw A Baby Dropped From The Window Of A Burning House. Moments Later This Happened


This young lady from Georgia became a hero after catching an infant dropped from a flat window amid an enormous fire.

Zna Gresham is just ten years old, however she has officially done a unimaginable deed. She figured out how to get the child when she dove 20 feet to the ground.


The panic-stricken mother of three youngsters had no real option except to throw her baby of the window when their home went up on fire. Her other two children hit the ground with minor wounds.

The young lady stated: “The woman upstairs, she was dropping her children. I got the infant from falling; before it hit the ground, I had caught it.”


The firefighters who battle the fire, said that the mother had no other alternative yet to drop her children. He included: “The smoke was rising so rapidly to the upper floors, they couldn’t advance outside their upper condo into the hallway due to the smoke.”


Thanks to Zna, the infant is alive now, she certainly spared her life.

What an astounding story! This young lady is a real hero. Can you envision that the young lady figured out how to get the infant with her bare hands? Amazing!