Top 10 Rules For Boyfriends – A Must Read For Guys


Being in a relationship is not as easy as we thought, there are rules or i’d rather say “a must in every relationship” that we need to understand and put into action.

If ever you’re having difficulty, or want to make your relationship successful this article might help you. This goes for the all the guys out there who are wanting to be a good or better boyfriend. Here are 10 rules for boyfriends that you must know.

10.  NEVER CHEAT. This is self explanatory. And yes, cheating includes being “best friends” with a girl you’ve just met last week. At the same time, if you do stay faithful, DO NOT parade your fidelity like it’s some rare feat of undying love. Please be advised that faithfulness in a relationship is a GIVEN and not an elusive trait that should be treated with utmost gratitude and reverence.

cheating bf

9. ALWAYS offer to take your girlfriend home no matter what. Even if it’s high noon and the sun is at its brightest and the criminals of the country are probably still hibernating in their mission control centers, do accompany her home. She needs to know that you do this because you really are concerned about her safety and wants to spend every available time with her and not because you fear the wrath of her parents if she arrives home late without a chaperon.



8. If you both don’t have work or class and your girlfriend asks you to go out with her, do not make excuses that you’re a) exhausted b) don’t have money c) have a basketball game later and d) doing the laundry. Her invitation just means she’s willing to sacrifice her free day to be with you in expense of being rested in preparation for another week of backbreaking work. Make time. Make every EFFORT to be with her.


7. If your girlfriend asks you to write her a love letter, write her a goddamn love letter.