Do You Know That Girls Are Being Circumcised In Africa? And It Causes A Lifetime Of Horrors!



Supermodel Waris Dirie is a beautiful, accomplished, smart African modern woman. But beneath all the glamor, she has been campaigning actively against FGM.

What is FGM? FGM stands for female genital mutilation and every year, millions of young girls are subjected to this brutal practice, said to be a tradition. She herself underwent the tradition when she was a small girl and has actively been campaigning for awareness.

Supermodel Waris Dirie

The non-medical and unhygienic procedure involves three forms. The partial or complete excision of the clitoris, the partial or complete excision of the clitoris and the labia, and the narrowing of the vaginal opening.

The third is the most extreme. Using ordinary tools such as razor, glass, knife or blade, the labia stump are formed together by sewing. The cutter leaves a tiny hole that is only enough for peeing.

Every woman who goes through FGM goes through a life-long trauma. The physical, mental, and emotional consequences of this non-medical and unhygienic procedure are so many. Apart from the unbearable pain, they suffer from chronic infections. During their menstrual period, blood gets trapped inside and this makes it even more painful.

A Horrifying Tradition:

Anna Mora Ndege, a “woman cutter” now uses a razor blade, but before this, she used a flattened six-inch nail as a makeshift blade!



Teenage girls are usually dragged from their bed to be taken to a “woman cutter”. Her own relatives hold her firmly by her head, arms, chest and legs as the woman cutter forces her to open her thighs. To be able to hold her firmly, the cutter puts millet flour on the girls’ private parts.

And she uses no anesthesia!


Unfortunately, the operation is done in unsanitary places.