Couple Goals: Grandma Hilariously Pranks Husband With Bottled Water Coin Magic Trick



A video of a granny pulling off a prank on her husband goes viral online and has captured the heart of many people, including me.

The clip shows grandma Marietta Spencer Tyks trying to convince her husband Tommy that she can do some magic trick with bottled water and a penny.

She then places the penny under the bottle and covered it with a towel.%image_alt%

Marietta began chanting the magic words ‘oogity-boogity’, for the penny to get inside the bottle and removes the towel. Watch what happens next…

The couple burst into laughter after the woman perfectly pulled the prank on her eager husband!



The adorable couple captures the heart of their viewers as the video went viral after being posted on Tyks’ personal Facebook on April 2 and says, she ‘never thought’ the video would ‘hit 100 views let alone 6 million.’ It has now been viewed more than 27 million and growing.

She said, “We went to bed last night laughing about how funny it was, then to wake up and finding it went viral was crazy. I am so grateful for my husband [sic] great sense of humor and that he laughed at himself too. I love him dearly.”

Pranks are usually done by younger people, but seeing a granny pranking someone, especially with her husband brings out the youth in them. They are so adorable right? Share your thoughts below.