And This Is Exactly Why You Should Do Some Research Into What Your Hotel’s Like



If you ask anyone what their life goal is, they’ll often tell you that it’s to travel the world.

Whether its vacationing in the Bahamas or backpacking across Europe, nothing can truly compare to that feeling of seeing the world and experiencing other cultures. When traveling, you can either cram as many sights and adventures into every minute that you can or simply let things happen organically. One thing you can’t skimp on is where you’re going to rest your head.

That said, the cheap allure of crappy hostels is always strong. But is saving a few bucks really worth going through the waking nightmare that is dealing with such terrible living conditions, even for a few days? One tourist said yes and then instantly regretted that decision.

Those, my friends, are severe bedbug bites. Next time, he’d better just splurge on a room at the Holiday Inn.


Do some research next time, my man. Let TripAdvisor be your guide. Be sure to share this scary tidbit with the intrepid travelers in your life!