Great uses for pizza dough you never thought of


Listen up, bread lovers (Oprah, this means you, too.)!

If you love pizza because carbs are your thing, you ought to know that pizza dough is an indispensable ingredient to have in the kitchen when you want to make any number of doughy treats. Whether you prepare your own from scratch or buy it from the grocery store, pizza dough can be a time-saver at breakfast, at lunch, and at supper—not to mention all those times when you have the munchies. As this type of yeast dough is plain in flavor and incredibly easy to work with regardless of your skill level, it lends itself to transformation as needed. Turn pizza dough into cinnamon rolls if you’re hankering for a breakfast pastry or bake crispy crackers if you roll it out thin enough. The sky’s the limit, so here are some brilliant ideas to get you going. Make Oprah proud.

Transform pizza dough into scallion pancakes


Pizza dough is remarkably similar to what you would use to make Chinese scallion pancakes. While the former is made with yeast and the latter with baking powder, both possess that certain je ne sais quoi so desirable to many—aka soft, malleable ease and appealing chewiness. If you’re feeling inspired to transform your pizza dough into classic scallion pancakes, try out this recipe from Food & Wine. A mixture of scallions and sesame oil combined with the traditional rolling method of coil and roll takes a commonplace ingredient and turns it into something totally different.

Make crackers



As someone who is always searching for new ways to use regular ingredients in my fridge, I can’t help but love the idea of turning a lump of prepared pizza dough into lots and lots of crackers. Why not, right? When the urge to snack hits, have this recipe from Circle B Kitchen at the ready. While the recipe cues a pasta roller to get the pizza dough super thin, you can totally get away with an old-fashioned rolling pin and some elbow grease. Get the dough as thin as you can get it, brush it with egg wash, and sprinkle grated cheese and cayenne pepper all over. Cut into triangles, transfer the tray to the oven, and be ready to snack your heart out in about 10 minutes.

Create dinner rolls


Do yourself a huge favor and turn your pizza dough into soft, fluffy dinner rolls ASAP. If you love carby bread products as much as I do, the best way to pay proper tribute to that love is by repurposing one type of dough in as many ways as possible, allowing you to eat bread in varied and numerous ways over a lifetime. Need inspo? Please make this recipe from Shutterbean, as it produces the most delectable garlic butter rolls. Loaded with garlic flavor and cheesy Parmesan goodness, these little guys get baked in a muffin tin for maximum ease. Your kitchen will smell like a bakery in the most fabulous ways imaginable.

Twist some pretzels for snacking