12 finger food recipes that use three ingredients or less


When you’re pressed for time but need to pull together some appetizers, the last thing you want to do is spend half the time prepping a long list of ingredients — especially when some of the simplest recipes will get you some pretty remarkable results. Sometimes, simpler really is better. Here are 12 recipes that use three ingredients or less to get you started.

Chicken wings


The combination of crisp chicken skin, juicy meat and a delectable glaze or rub make chicken wings an irresistible party appetizer. You can make your wings plain, spicy or sweet without having to pull every ingredient out of the pantry. For beautifully crisp wings, pat each piece dry with paper towels and give the chicken some time to air dry. For a sweet flavor, try this these honey-glazed wings. If you want to go with a classic hot wing, this recipe for buffalo chicken wings will hit the spot.

Salami crisps



When you fry or bake thinly sliced salami it becomes a thin chip — and it’s beyond delicious! This is a pretty amazing way to turn one ingredient into a full-on appetizer. The chips are salty with an intensified salami flavor that makes them great to serve on their own, but you can use them for dipping, too. Choose quality meat, this isn’t the time to go for the cheap stuff. Lay the salami slices in a single layer on a baking sheet, but don’t let them overlap or you’ll end up having to break the finished chips apart. Then put the baking tray in the oven and watch the magic happen. When you pull the salami chips out of the oven they’ll still be slightly pliable but become crisp once they cool.

If you’re willing to add one or two ingredients to this appetizer, offer mustard for dipping. For variety, you can serve the chips with two types of mustard, like prepared honey mustard and an old-fashioned grainy mustard that’s full of crunchy seeds. This is one appetizer, however, that really doesn’t require you to go to any trouble at all. If you only have a jar of spicy or yellow mustard, that will do just fine.

Jalapeno poppers


When they show up at the table, it always looks like jalapeno poppers took some know-how. The cheese filling is bubbling and hot and the peppers are soft and yet still retain a little of their crunch. One trick is to make sure you’ve got a flavorful filling, and if you’re looking to make things as simple as possible, head to the dairy shelf and grab a container of chive-flavored cream cheese. These poppers, filled with the oniony cream cheese that becomes even creamier when it bakes, are wrapped with a small piece of sliced bacon for a smoky, salty, and creamy two-bite appetizer that are ready in less than 30 minutes.