Here’s The Secret Behind Egg Expiration Dates. Everyone Should Know



Eggs are such an important staple in my diet. They’re full of healthy things, such as calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids, and they’re also incredibly delicious! Ever had perfectly cooked, velvety smooth scrambled eggs? Oh, it’s definitely one of life’s most delicious simple pleasures.

But while I’ve learned how to properly cook my scrambled eggs, I’ll never forget this one time I was traveling out in the country and stopped by a small diner for breakfast. Their scrambled eggs were magical. I couldn’t help myself and asked my server what their secret was. Her answer? Really fresh eggs.

I had never really thought about the freshness of my eggs. Like most people, I bought my eggs at the supermarket and I would always check for the expiration date. In my mind, all eggs were pretty much the same as long as they had not expired. But like most other perishable foods, freshness matters.

So how long do eggs actually sit around on supermarket shelves before you finally take them home? Thanks to J&J Acres, now we know. And it’s actually rather shocking.

In the video below, you’ll learn how to properly read the expiration date on the egg packages to figure out just how “fresh” your eggs really are. Once you understand how it works, you may want to see which supermarket and which brand offers the freshest eggs. Let us know what you think and please share this story with your family and friends!